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Editor's Note May 15th, 2020:

As you dig into the episodic content below, remember that we are deeply entrenched in timeline wars. We have two sides, quite literally manipulating timelines, to try and make adjustments to "win." What does this look like? Three steps forward, two steps back. Big reveals then a seemingly winding backwards of progress. The name of the game here is to expand your consciousness, do your best to see what puzzle pieces fit for you individually and leave the rest behind. Tapping into your personal truth and faith is key in everything that comes next. Know who you are and what you're willing to stand for and remember that this game is all about INVERSION [ see my episode below on False Light Discernment for more information ]. This isn't about politics though it certainly affects our political outcomes, players and chess moves. Do your best to pull back to a broadened perspective and see the interconnectedness of each of these concepts presented. These truly are ancient problems plaguing our society and it is my sincere hope that this moment in time is what changes all of that and brings human beings back their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sovereignty. 

Please watch the episodes below in order. They build onto each other and won't make sense without the context of the previous. Remember to only watch these if you feel called to the truth and to step into your mission. 
With Love, 

Ep. 1: The United States of America v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Ep. 2: The Currency & The 'Cure'

Ep. 3: When Evil Goes Interdimensional Part 1

Ep. 3: When Evil Goes Interdimensional Part 2

Ep. 4: Timeline Wars, 5G, Ascension & Dimensional Overlays


Ep. 5: Human Trafficking

Ep. 6: Transhumanism & The A.I. Agenda

Ep. 7: Discernment, False Light + How to Sift Through Your Programming