Waking the Collective Membership

Welcome to our online community, podcast and lecture series. We post monthly content that includes audio podcast versions, show notes, video lecture series, a private Facebook group, a monthly Q+A call and guest posting from a variety of other #fullbentos including astrology, spirituality and private member workshops. All of this is included for $8.99 per month. Due to the current social media environment, we have decided to pull all of our collective research and content into a paid members portal. This way, we all prevent people from trolling our hard work and attempting to use it against any of our members or researchers. 

Our team is made up of 5 researchers, thought-leaders and social media personalities - all of whom care deeply about sharing their perspective of the world we live in and how to operate in it in a way to aligns with the most optimal collective timeline for humanity. Now that we are moving this into a private members portal, even more researchers will be willing to go in front of the camera and share their research and words of wisdom. Keeping this safe and private, allows everyone in the group to take a big deep breath and remember that we are all safe and able to ask the challenging questions without fear.

Please click the MEMBERSHIP button below to become a monthly member. You can cancel at anytime - just remember - that will mean losing access to the web series portal, Facebook group and monthly call as soon as you hit cancel so time your cancel request properly. We look forward to bringing you even more content, tools and research as we move even closer to embodying this New Earth paradigm. 

With Love,

The WokePsych Team