Psychology of Being WOKE + How to Wake the Rest of the WORLD

Please join us November 15th at 5pm MST for a FREE 2 hour lecture series that helps us answer the question - as a society, who are we in a toxic relationship with? This series will explore:

  • the revision and removal of documented history by specific groups in power
  • how the mass media narrative is used as a gaslighting tool to control our behavior and decision-making reflexes
  • how our childhood emotional patterning affects our perception of the present
  • how historical trauma and cultural wounds are used by power structures to create division and perpetuate their agenda
  • outline next steps for creating conscious political change with LOGIC instead of emotional response



Lecture series can be attended LIVE or watched via replay. LIVE attendees can chat questions or raise their hand to be unmuted and share their thoughts or ask questions. This series is planned to be one of many and we see this as the foundational building block required to work exponentially faster to create viable solutions for the social and political issues we face today.