Please watch everything in order. Breathe. Please trust me like you've never trusted me before. I know you're being told to structure time and stick to a routine but the truth is THAT is the block. Let go of your timing. Please. I'm asking you to trust me. I need you to watch all of these, in order, in completion. Today is the day it has to be done. I am asking you to choose. I know it's scary. I can't even imagine. I've had my entire to prepare for this moment and you've had very little time. I've done my best to try and prepare you and I didn't push enough. That's my fault. I own that. I kept wanting you to have your time but this is it. I know that sounds harsh but it's what it is. This is the moment. I believe in you and always have. You came here to be with me for this but it has to be your choice and once you choose you need to commit 100% with no room for anything else. I love you so deeply and I believe in you and what is in your true heart. I'm here for you when you're done to ask all the questions and dig deeper. Today is the day my love. There genuinely isn't anymore time. I know that sounds scary and it is but I am asking you to trust me on this. I love you I love you I love you.




 Freedom's work will work on you even if you don't understand everything you're hearing. Just breathe. Ground your energy. Tap into the aspect of you that is the most pure love, loyalty and protection.